Swarm 4/9/17

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Swarm 4/9/17

Post by MarkCase » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:02 pm

Rob called me today if I wanted a swarm in Greensboro. He headed over with his bee vac and had them in a bucket before I got there. Pretty docile group of bees. The home owner might be interested in getting involved in beekeeping. Hope these girls will go back to him soon!

Got home and weighed the bucket before I hived them. About 3 pounds of bees. Got them hived up and a feeder set up.

On the way home, got a call from someone in Level Cross, about a mile from my house. Went back up there and got her swarm. Small cluster, about 1 pound.

Good day for swarms! Thanks Rob for the call.

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