NCSBA Presents - Queen Rearing Workshop

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NCSBA Presents - Queen Rearing Workshop

Post by donwal » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:39 pm


The NCSBA is proud to present Born & Bred 2017 in cooperation with the NCSU Apiculture Program and the NCDA&CS Apiary Inspection Service.

The NCSBA is offering a program of advanced beekeeper education in the field of queen rearing and colony management. The Born and Bred queen rearing workshops will be conducted with a curriculum of such substance that participants can effectively learn how to raise queens with the information presented and a degree of diligence on their part. Beekeepers of all levels will be able to gain an understanding of queen production that is controlled by the beekeeper and how environmental factors affect the behavior of the honey bee during queen production.

Click here for more information -

I signed up for the May 06th class. I switched to the May 20th class.
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