Award of first Beekeeping merit badges

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Award of first Beekeeping merit badges

Post by Zulu » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:58 pm

Some may know, or remember that I had decided to run a Scout beekeeping program last season

Tonight we had an honor council for two new Eagle Scouts and also awarded our years awards for the rest of the boys, I am proud to say we awarded our first two Beekeeping merit badges. The scouting sw still has it listed so our troop decided to formally record the badges and my wife has copied and made new embroidery badges.

5 more boys just have one task left.

My mentors and I made the boys do all the tasks that the 1984 Beekeeping merit badge asked for. Which started with building hives, introducing a new package , hive management, and finally extracting their honey.

We already have three new boys asking to join in this year.

4 families started keeping bees, 3 still have their hive/s active as of this weekend. The 4th lost his at end of season - absconded with 14 frames full of honey still on the hive but will take a swarm if available this spring to give it another go. Two new adults asked to be included tonight.

So in summary, a small project has been tremendously successful..

Thanks again for the help Wally and Rob

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