Swarms/Absconds 9/11/21, 9/12/21

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Swarms/Absconds 9/11/21, 9/12/21

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This has been an active few days. Carl Huffman called me to get a swarm that possibly came out of one of his hives, but more likely was attracted to his apiary in my humble opinion. He didn't have equipment to put them in.
Swarm_abscond_Lawndale_91121_IMG_1808.jpeg (81.92 KiB) Viewed 44 times
We hived the bees, but they came out overnight Sunday and I wound up vacuuming them and carrying them home Monday. Sunday evening, this small abscond showed up at my house.
Swarm_abscond_91221_IMG_0591-1.jpg (34.29 KiB) Viewed 44 times
I have the queen in a catcher clip in a nuc and will release her this afternoon. Yesterday, I tried to help a potential new beekeeper collect a small abscond on the ground at his Aunt's home. We got it hived, but they came back out and left. Finally, yesterday, I rode with Carl to Winston-Salem to see about bees in a water meter box at a friend's business property. The bees had been there briefly, but left after building a small amount of comb on the underside of the meter box lid.

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