Swarm calls 4/05/2020

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Swarm calls 4/05/2020

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So while tending to my own swarm, I received a call about a swarm in a bush. On the way to the retrieval site, I received a call another call about a swarm of bees in a tree. In a hurry to get things set up for the first retrieval, I forgot to to take a picture of the bees in their swarm ball. But here they are going into a nuc:
Swarm call 2.jpg
Swarm call 2.jpg (252.83 KiB) Viewed 1499 times
Here is the swarm of the second call:
Sswarm call1.jpg
Sswarm call1.jpg (239.95 KiB) Viewed 1499 times
Here is the latest in Bee Removal gear. This is my wife. The swarm was spread out enough that they all wouldn't fit in my swarm catch net. about 1/3 of the bees landed on her as she was holding the ladder. They were about 14 feet up in a tree.
Swarm call 1b.jpg
Swarm call 1b.jpg (197.36 KiB) Viewed 1499 times
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Re: Swarm calls 4/05/2020

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That's awesome Duane. The busy season has started!!!
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