4/18/21 - 3 swarms in 1 grapevine

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4/18/21 - 3 swarms in 1 grapevine

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When my wife and I initially got the call, it was just the top and middle swarm. We put a nuc up to the middle swarm and got hem to walk in. The top swarm was way a lot harder to get in. We took the top off the deep, scooped handfuls of bees in, closed the top and went to get a bite to eat as it was lunch time. The box on the bottom was put there a couple of weeks ago as the land owner told us for several years, a swarm has always ended up there.

When we came back from lunch, the swarm on the bottom box was waiting for us. After a little manipulation, we got them in the box. That night, we took the 3 swarms home, as it was more than 3 miles away, as a means of keeping the girls incase they were determined to to go some pre-determined location near where they landed.

So far, everyone is happy with their new location and hive. :D
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Re: 4/18/21 - 3 swarms in 1 grapevine

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That's awesome. Great job!
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