Bees and Pesticides

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Bees and Pesticides

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What's the name of the list that you can register to be notified of a spraying?
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Re: Bees and Pesticides

Post by Jacobs » ... 0.1009.pdf ... onForm.pdf

These are links to the applicator regulation and to the 2015 Apiary Registration Form. I did not post a link to the regulation for beekeepers registering hives. You may want to search to see if there is anything more up to date.

There is a separate process for mosquito spraying. I don't know that this has been a major issue recently, but it could come up again depending on time of year, location, and mosquito borne disease issues.
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Re: Bees and Pesticides

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Shucks, that is specifically for "aerial spraying". @llbstones, if find any more online, please share!
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