Beekeeping Supplies

Going someplace to purchase beekeeping related supplies? Save on shipping by splitting costs.

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Pretty Ruth
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Beekeeping Supplies

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Saw that Southern States is selling beekeeping supplies. I have not checked to see the inventory but was pleased to see a local offering. This was the store on 150 east in Summerfield.
Becky Hampton
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Re: Beekeeping Supplies

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I stopped by on Friday to see what they had. They had a box with a "complete bee hive " in it. It looked like 1 super, a flat lid, couldn't tell about the bottom board or the frames. They also had as separate items veils, bee brushes, smokers, and Beekeeping for dummies and The Backyard Beekeeper. It was on an end cap and that was about all. If you're an absolute newbie and want to try out beekeeping, you might find some of what you need there, but after you've been keeping bees for a year, not sure you'd find anything you'd need. I also wasn't familiar with the name of their supplier. It wasn't one of the common ones.
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