How much can a hive produce?

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How much can a hive produce?

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In my third year of keeping, but have been pleasantly surprised by one hive. I started a hive last spring with a nuc from Pfafftown, NC. Lost a queen, re-queened, then made just a little honey, but must have been enough, as they survived the winter. They hit the ground running at first sign of spring. I have taken honey from the hive all summer, and as of this week, have gotten 63 pints of bottled honey. This number seems incredible to me, when I consider that one hive could make 8 gallons of honey in 1 season. Have any of you seen numbers like this? I would think it unusual, and can't imagine it will happen on regular occasion, but wanted to know what others think.
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Re: How much can a hive produce?

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That is exceptional for this area, but I have seen them collect and cap 5 gallon in 10 days along the gulf coast. The south Dakota and surrounding area is said to produce even more.
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Re: How much can a hive produce?

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Congrats on the honey haul!

I think the best I have ever done is between 3 and 4 supers from one hive.

Hope your good fortune continues for years to come.
Just some thoughts.
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Re: How much can a hive produce?

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That is very good for our season this year. On a extra good year you would have doubled that with the same bees. We had cold and wet times in May that cut down on production. Don't know if you can view a picture on facebook but here is the link. This is our oldest member in Alamance County and he harvested 12 supers about 15 years back. ... =3&theater
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