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Honey turning to sugar?

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:52 am
by Guest
I was in the mountains this past weekend in Gatlinburg TN, and noticed an advertisement for Locust Honey.. The add explained that the locust bloom was only reliable about every 10-15 years, which i find hard to believe. Also, the add mentioned how that Locust honey would never turn to sugar! The honey I recall as a child that was labled as locust was very clear in nature, almost transparent, and the honey I saw over the weekend was more along the color of clover! Does anyone have a good knowledge of locust honey, and does anyone in this area seperate it out for sale?

honey turning to sugar

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:41 pm
by Wally
Sorry, I know nothing about locust honey, but all the books say any pure honey will chrystalise."sp" Some takes longer, but all will eventually. I would not trust anyone who says their's won't. It is most likely a mixture of honey and corn syrup or other add-in.

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:18 am
by Kurt Bower
My understanding is that Locust is very clear in nature. Don't know if I could tell the difference between clover and Locust or not. Very light and very good in taste.
I had a super last year that I believed to be locust but am unsure of anything except that it sold quickly.
While I believe that all honeys have the potential to crystallize, I believe that tulip poplar is extremely slow to do so. I have some sitting on my desk that is 4 years old without any crystallization.
I keep my honey as separate as possible and the customers seem to like it that way.


Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 7:14 am
by Guest
let me know if you have any that you believe to be locust this year, and if you do not have it all sold, i would like some please.

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 5:06 am
by Kurt Bower
Best chance is from the hives I have located in Virginia.
Will be a couple of weeks before I take the honey off and I will post back if it looks good.


Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:30 am
by Kurt Bower
Well I managed to get my honey off from my hives in Virginia.
From what I have been told, I have a combination of Black locust, black gum and blackberry.
This honey has quite a floral kick and is a light yellow in color. I dont know how much it actually tastes like locust but contact me if interested.