Beeswax pricing

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Beeswax pricing

Post by bdloving »

What are people asking for beeswax? I have some1 wants to buy a couple pounds and no idea what to charge.
Kurt Bower
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Post by Kurt Bower »

You can purchase quality beeswax from Brushy in Bulk for around $3.50 per pound.
With that said, as long as you have good clean wax, I would not hesitate to ask $7.00/pound. That is the price I get for mine when I sell it.
I figure it is worth it for tax free, no shipping, chemical free, first quality beeswax.
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Post by Wally »

Brushy is at 4.00 per lb. for 1 lb.
3.75 for 21 to 50 lb.
3.55 for 51 lb. or more. ... ?pcode=450

ebay has a number of listings, including "buy it now". ... %3D1&fgtp=
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Re: Beeswax pricing

Post by mike91553 »

These prices have really climbed over just a few years.

Brushy 2012 price
1 to 20 lbs is 5.75 a lb

Pearly white wax is 10.50 lb
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