Red maples blooming already?

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Red maples blooming already?

Post by reedyfork »

My bees here in Greensboro are working like crazy right now, and I noticed all bringing in the olive green/gray pollen I associate with red maples. Sure enough, a look around the neighborhood shows me that some of the bigger old maples are already in bloom! Ought to be an interesting next month or two to see what the weather does - and the bees...

As of last week, none had filled the space in the feeding shim with any sort of comb or brood as they did last year, so that was at least a good sign. Looks like they'll all need another peak very soon!
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Re: Red maples blooming already?

Post by Linda »

I saw some bees here bringing in the same color pollen. . Is anyone feeding pollen? Should I pop a small patty on top of sugar brick
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Re: Red maples blooming already?

Post by Jacobs »

My bees are still interested in the dry pollen substitute I have been putting out, but the action slowed considerably yesterday afternoon. I was seeing traffic at hive entrances at a higher level than just bees coming and going to the substitute. Some were bringing in the olive green pollen reedyfork was seeing. I could not see full blooms on the red maple in the yard behind me, but clearly, some around are blooming.

If you want, you can put a small amount of pollen patty up with your brick. The bees may use it if the pollen supply is low or weather does not permit foraging for it. If you do feed pollen substitute/pollen patties, you will be stimulating brood rearing. Make sure you keep pollen available until the bees show less interest in what you are providing. Even then, you may want to keep a lesser but steady supply available to prevent brood starvation in the event of natural pollen being unavailable. Also, make plans for swarm prevention if your hives become strong earlier than if left to natural brood growth.
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Re: Red maples blooming already?

Post by Wally »

Keep in mind, anytime you are feeding pollen sub, never feed more then 3 to 4 day supply. Always check it every 3 days or so for SHB eggs. They can lay, hatch, and cause damage in 6 to 8 days.
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