Honey Extractor

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Honey Extractor

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My first honey harvest was last year and I used the crush and drain method. But I want to switch to a hand-crank extractor because I don't want to have my bees have to draw out comb in the honey boxes. All I need is a two or three frame extractor. I have seen one at a bee store I use for over $400!! That's a lot of money! I have seen some on line for $250, but I am concerned about quality.

Could you suggest any name brands that have a history of quality or give me any guidance on this purchase?
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Re: Honey Extractor

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I was given a 3 frame Maxant years ago. They now have a basket for the same size model that handles more frames. They are expensive, but they are well made. I think mine dates to the 1970's or early 1980's.
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Re: Honey Extractor

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Another thought... Beez Needz rents one for 25.00 for the day. You can get your extracting done, then buy one like it next year if you like it.
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