Bee Keeping Equipment & Supplies For Sale

Maybe you are looking for something specific or maybe you just have some beekeeping supplies you no longer need. Post it here and see what happens.

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Bee Keeping Equipment & Supplies For Sale

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Dadant 2 Frame Stainless Junior Bench Extractor with stand, manual incl.-$300.
Uncapping tub complete with drain basin $70.
Electric hot knife-$70.
Bucket with filters-$30.
Poly top hive feeders $10 ea.
Fume board $8
Used supers with frames included some drawn comb 4@$25 ea.
1 New box of un-assembled 6 1/4 frames (10 frames) for 6 5/8 super $10
1 Ventilated helmet with veil $10
2 not ventilated helmets with veil $8 ea.
New supers 6 5/8 with frames and foundation 2@$35 ea.
1 Medium size bee suit with zip on/off hood $40
Leather gloves (long above elbow)ventilated $10
Bee brush $3
Frame lifter $10
Pry tool $5
Front entrance feeders 3@$2 ea
200 pins, and misc nails for frames, all for $8
3 Queen excluders metal with wood frames $8ea
Uncapping roller $10 Cap scratcher $4
Mite Away Quick Strips 8 treatments $30
2 used hives in great condition with some drawn comb includes---1 solid or ventilated bottom board, 1 deep with some drawn comb, 1 med super with some drawn comb, inner cover and top cover for $125each.
2 inner covers $6ea.
336 543 6961

Our prices are fair. All equipment is from Dadant and well taken care of . No nuc or nuc supplies. Feel free to email for prices or questions. All items first come /first serve. Summerfield 336 543 6961
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