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Double Bottom Board

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I ran into a post and picture by Randy Oliver (Scientific Beekeeping) about a double bottom board he uses to get wet supers cleaned by a single, active hive. I ran into scrap shelving board a couple blocks from home earlier this week and decided to put one together. The active hive goes on the front and the super(s) to be cleaned go on the back portion. They are divided by a piece of 2 by 4 across the side rails of the bottom board. This separates the 2 sets of boxes enough that outer covers can go on each and lets the bees walk from the front to the back under cover. I will probably try this with a hive next spring before the flow. I have several supers of newly drawn comb that have sugar water in them. The wax is so delicate that it gets destroyed if I put frames out for open clean up. I don't know if this will work any better than putting supers of wet frames on a hive above the inner cover, but I'm willing to give it a try.
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Re: Double Bottom Board

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Interesting concept. I may have to make a couple and give them a try. Thanks for the article.

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