Tree Stand Trapout

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Tree Stand Trapout

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I have to credit royl for the inspiration for this tree trapout set up. I mentioned the trapout to him and he said if I knew a hunter I could use some sort of stand. I know David.

There are tweaks to be done in using this method.
1. Make sure the cone is completely sealed before putting up the stand.
Getting staplers or tack hammers where you need them is near impossible once the stand is
in place.
2. Try and place the stand high enough that as it settles and anchors, the bait hive will be
close to the cone.
3. Angle the stand so that the bait hive entrance and cone are near each other or angle
the bait hive so that the entrance is well placed.

I have made several mistakes in setting up this first tree stand trapout and am learning a lot. If I had followed/understood some of David's suggestions while setting up, things would have gone smoother.
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