Posted on behalf of the late Nathan Carter's grandson--bee equipment for sale

Maybe you are looking for something specific or maybe you just have some beekeeping supplies you no longer need. Post it here and see what happens.

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Posted on behalf of the late Nathan Carter's grandson--bee equipment for sale

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Yes that would be fine, I have looked all over the Internet and have not found many places I could post so any place would be extremely helpful.

Thank you,
Eric Carter

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I am sorry about the loss of your grandfather. I didn't know him well, but a little over a year ago he asked me to come an give my opinion about a hive he had that was collapsing in population. I got to see his "cool storage" building on a hot summer day. He struck me as a really nice person.

If you want, I can try copying this e mail exchange and post it for you in the "Wanted/For Sale" section of the Guilford County Beekeeper Forum. Just let me know.

Also, monthly meeting notice should be coming by e mail soon, and I will ask that your e mail be forwarded with it if that is ok. I cannot promise you that that will happen.

Rob Jacobs

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Good morning,

My name is Eric R Carter and I am the Grandson of Nathan Carter. Recently my grandfather passed away and I now have an excess supply of bee keeping equipment. I am contacting the association to see if you or any of the member would like to purchase any of the supplies. My grandfather took great pride and care of his bees and all the equipment is stored in a temperature controlled building. We have over 350 supers full of drawn comb, 25+ complete hives ready for bees (bottom board, hive body, frames with drawn comb, inner cover, and lid), 50+ hive body supers with drawn comb, and 20+ nuc boxes. Also there is a 32 or 34 frame electric extractor. If anyone in the association is interested in purchasing any of the supplies from the estate or if you know of anyone please tell them to reach out to me either in email ( or my personnel number 3368702689

I'm not a bee keeping expert but I have helped my grandfather over the past 15 years when I was home from the military, I have pictures of the inventory because the amount seems to good to be true but unfortunately this site wont let me upload them.

Thank you for your time.

Super w/ drawn comb frames - $40
Nuc box w/ drawn comb frames - $50
Hive body w/ frames - $60

Extractor - Best offer

Phone: 3368702689
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