Used 6 Frame Honey Extractor

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Used 6 Frame Honey Extractor

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If you need an extractor, I have a 6 frame Dadant "Ranger" model honey extractor for sale. Can extract 6 medium or shallow honey frames at a time. Optional deep baskets included, so you can extract 3 deep frames at a time as well.

I used the extractor for almost 10 years, but recently got a larger 20 frame extractor, so I don't need it anymore.

Was originally the hand powered model (handle included), but the first owner built a custom stand for it and powered it with an electric motor. Stand and motor are included as well. Works fine with the motor or by hand. The motor isn't variable, so you have to be a little bit careful turning it on or you'll get some blowouts. Or you can just use the hand crank (or put a new motor on it).

Has some wear, but still works just fine.

$550. Pm me or email
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